The summer and the sort-of-vacation at Southwestern officially ends at the law school Monday morning, as the Class of 2014 descends on campus and gets to business. To all the newcomers, Welcome, 1Ls, and don’t forget to read our blog regularly and to join us on Facebook and Twitter (@Biedermanblog).

So this isn’t just the Department of Shameless Self-Promotion, a couple of updates on items previously noted on the blog:

  • THR Esq informs that the legal battling between the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. and Dick Clark Productions will result in a September hearing before a U.S. District judge — not before a jury. The scribes see the trial phase of the case, viewed as the more key, as it will determine the fate of the January, 2012, Golden Globes telecast, taking eight days instead of roughly three weeks were jurors involved. Here’s an earlier post from the blog detailing this dispute.
  • The Supremes almost sneaked away for the summer before handing down several key decisions, including the much-awaited ruling that tossed California’s attempt to bar the sale to minors of video games deemed excessively violent. The case generated considerable attention stateside but our British and Continental pals greeted the whole issue with not much more than a pish-posh and a yawn, according to an intriguing post at Gamer/Law.
  • A running lawsuit involving the family of comic book legend Jack Kirby has gotten bounced, in part, up into the appellate realms after a U.S. District Court rejected some of the copyright claims made against Marvel Comics over iconic characters like Thor, Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk, says the Hollywood Reporter. Heirs and estates of several comic book titans are tied up in copyright battles, our blog has reported earlier.