SoundExchange — a nonprofit performance rights organization that collects digital performance royalties from satellite radio (such as SIRIUS XM), Internet radio (like Pandora), cable TV music channels and similar platforms for streaming sound recordings — has disabled a music web-casting ISP Although the site seems to have been launched again, several of the services of SWCast are still shut down.

Randall Krause, the president-CEO of SWCast Network, has written a response to the SoundExchange take-down, saying:

It is without question that sound recording copyright owners and recording artists deserve to be properly remunerated for the exploitation of their works, in any commercial context. And I fully respect (and expect) SoundExchange for carrying out their mission to ensure that Webcasting services “pay their dues” for the use of their members’ creative works.

Krause is optimistic that the web-casting services will be up and running soon, which is good news for the frequent visitors who have reached out with inquiries as to why SWCast was out of commission.

The service disruption arose due to SoundExchange’s report that SWCast had violated the DMCA.  SoundExchange said it had repeatedly notified SWCast about infringing material on its site that needed to be taken down but got no complicance; that led to the DMCA complaint and SoundExchange’s brief shutdown of the SWCast site.