In a joint statement, Sony Computer Entertainment America and George Hotz, aka GeoHotz, have announced that they have reached a settlement of the game manufacturer’s lawsuit against the noted cyber hacker. Sony had asserted that Hotz had violated federal laws by posting instructions on how to “jailbreak” or to work around its security features on its software for the Sony PlayStation 3. As part of the settlement, Hotz agreed to a permanent injunction that had called for him to pull down posts on his web site concerning PS3 software.

Gamastura notes that Sony also has dismissed its lawsuits against members of Fail0verflow (a PlayStation 3 hacking crew) and numerous “John Does” associated with the case.

Hotz, meantime, proclaimed on his blog that he will boycott Sony products and calls for his readers to do the same.  Judging from the comments on Hotz’s blog, most commenters support him and what he did. There are, of course, a few detractors thrown in. The commenters angry at Hotz accuse him of taking donations for a protracted legal battle and then settling. Hotz promises to post a response. The lawsuit had taken an interesting turn in early March when Sony successfully subpoenaed IP addresses of users who visited Hotz’s websites or watched his videos.

From Techdirt and Gamasutra.