loneThe trend in entertainment in recent years has been for movies to be based on actual people and actual events, consider such titles as Fruitvale Station, Lone Survivor,and Wolf on Wall Street .  As Variety notes: “filmmakers agree that the jump in numbers (from eight to seventeen) is due to several factors, including audience tastes, studio responsiveness, filmmakers’ determination and the social-media world we now inhabit.” Gordon Firemark, an entertainment lawyer and Southwestern Law School Alumni and adjunct, discusses “How to Option a Person’s Life Story,” in his online video series entitled “Asked & Answered.”  He touches on the function of such deals and provides  tips on avoiding pitfalls which could result in lawsuits, such as Chuck Wepner vs. Sylvester Stallone over “Rocky“; Rick Appling vs. Bryon Allen Entertainment over the rights to Sammy Davis Jr.’s life; and Sarver vs. The Hurt Locker LLC et al. because the movie “Hurt Locker” was based Iraq war veteran Master Sgt, Jeffrey Sarver’s own life story within the Army bomb squad.