It’s not the proverbial “a thousand times ‘No,’ ” but:

  • aereoThe U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has rejected without discussion broadcasters’ request for reconsideration by judges en banc of a recent decision clearing copyright infringement claims against Aereo, the start-up streaming broadcaster that has gone on the offensive to assert the legality of its service;  U.S. Circuit Judges Denny Chinn and Richard C Wesley dissented from the decision, supported by ten others on the appellate bench, including Chief Judge Dennis Jacobs.
  • An investment analyst sees problems for consumers and the broadcast industry if  a la carte options advance, allowing audiences to pick and choose programming rather than paying the ever-increasing, often sports-driven costs of bundled subscription packages.
  • wrightThe lawyers at Prenda Law, chastised already by Otis Wright, a Star Trek-inspired U.S. District Judge in Los Angeles and a Southwestern Law School alum, have found the courts getting frostier, frostier and frostier to them and their mass-filings of copyright infringement actions against unnamed parties who downloaded porn that parties at the firm acquired rights to and may have posted; the evolving case files show that Prenda offered to settle its many claims if those about to be publicly shamed for downloading blue material would cough up some green — typically a few thousand dollars.