If things seem a little quiet on the blog, we’ll keep it that way — at least for a wee bit. Our current crop of editors, you see, are buried in their books as they make their way through spring Finals and even, for many, graduation and collecting their new juris doctor degrees before diving into the arduous task of studying for the California Bar.

Meantime, for those who missed her lively and amusing piece, we’d call your attention to the entertaining report by Carol J Williams — the LA Times’ legal correspondent and a friend of the Biederman Blog who, among other things, has served on the ‘murder board,’ advising and judging student plans for this site — on the musician whose lyrics resonate most in legal opinions and briefs. Her fun read reminds that blog editor Leo Young tackled a similar topic in a post on movie references in legal writing.

We’re also pleased to pat ourselves on the back and thank the Chronicle of Higher Education for its kind coverage of the student editors’ hard and innovative work.