The entertainment scene seems to feed a tabloid-style world enmeshed in divorce, bankruptcy, and scandal — and the complicated, troubling nature of the scene may be underscored when its business heads to the court room: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit recently reversed a federal bankruptcy court’s decision favoring debtor Lisa Ann Galaz over her  former husband Raul, who had worked with music producer Julian Jackson and eventually created a Texas limited-liability company  to collect royalties from the music of the famed funk band, the Ohio Players. During the couple’s marriage, the royalties did not generate any revenue. But as soon as they divorced, the royalties began to tally again, totaling nearly $1 million. Lisa Ann Galaz sought her share, and recently filed bankruptcy, hoping this would help her collect. However, rapidly evolving case law has limited bankruptcy courts’ jurisdiction, the appellate court noted. Raul Galaz appealed the decision, which the appellate court vacated and remanded for further proceedings involving both the U.S. district court and bankruptcy court that had handled the matter earlier. Meantime, the royalties for the Ohio Players’ remain in limbo — a sad state for a pioneering group, most of whose members are deceased and whose seven, No. 1 single hits include, Fire. In case the flashy clothes and deep bass groove don’t hit a familiar note: