BasicIllustratorFileLetter—CSThe holiday cheer arrived early at the blog, as we got some great news for our student editors — whom we’ll ask our kind readers to assist in just a second. First this heartening information: The ABA Journal, the website of the flagship magazine of the American Bar Association, has put the Biederman Blog on its Top 100 legal sites list for a second year. The journal, seen by half the nation’s 1 million practicing lawyers each month, says it scans more than 4,000 legal blogs by attorneys and others as part of its reporting on the field, and, each year, it picks a handful of online sources that its editors say they remember, because these blogs “have tipped us off to breaking news and the bloggers who have compelled us to write about their innovative ideas.” It’s an honor to be part of this elite, whose members include top scholars, practitioners, and analysts whose names and work are instantly recognizable because they’re both cited in the law and they daily shape public opinion, especially through the news media.

Now, if you’ve generously taken the time to read this article, would you do one more thing: Would you please before Dec. 19 click on this link, take a few moments to register with the ABA (they don’t spam you or use the data — they say it is to prevent, gasp, ballot box stuffing) and to let the journal know that you, as we do, appreciate the hard, consistent, excellent work of Southwestern’s bloggers? Thank you to them and to you.