Whoa, how easy is it to skid across a copyright line and get slapped for doing so? The Hamburg Regional Court has ruled that a RetroShare user is liable for the copyright infringement that he passed on in an encrypted file, even though the user had no knowledge of what was in the file. The court did not convict the user but rather issued a preliminary injunction, threatening him with steep  penalties or imprisonment should he transfer the file again. While RetroShare keeps the identity of the original sender of a file anonymous, this decision makes anyone providing relays subject to prosecution for copyright violations. TorrentFreak says anonymous file sharing is increasing at epidemic proportions and German courts want to curb it. The Rasch Rechtsanwalte, with English translation provided by Google, notes that German courts are willing to use a broad standard for liability and disabuse darknet users of the notion that encrypted transfers will protect them from copyright violations. IT lawyer Thomas Stadler says that if RetroShare users fail to properly secure their internet connection, they’re at risk.