Need a break from reading that thick case over and over again? Check out,  which reports gizoogleis “a website that converts web pages into Snoop-speak.” When checking out, you will find it has no relation to Google and the site strives to ensure that everyone knows this (must avoid trademark infringement).  But if you’re researching cases and need entertainment, try reading your case in “Snoop language.” Rapper Snoop Dog, now known as Snoop Lion, aka Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., rapper-entertainer extraordinaire, has popularized his own patois, adding an “izzle” to the end of his words. will take your text, izzle them and add other slang, providing a rapper translation. There’s even an app so you can “tranzizzle” at any time. translated some  legal cases already for your entertainment. Be warned, there’s much profanity, so check it out carefully if you’re in a staid law office.