twcEven as consumers have focused ever more on the prospects of “cord cutting” — ditching pricey monthly cable fees for a carousel of online, cheaper services — a hush had settled over a potential mega media merger, this all occurring since back in October when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) paused the unofficial 180-day clock on the review of the proposed merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable. A federal appeals court, however, recently blocked the FCC from ordering the public disclosure of programming contracts. As part of the U.S. government’s review of the Comcast Corp. takeover of Time Warner Cable Inc., the FCC claimed it needed the media companies to publicly release such information showing fees paid by cable providers to the media companies that provide programming. CBS Corp. and other media companies sued in Washington, and the FCC’s disclosure was put on hold pending court review. The court sided with the media companies that such making such information publicly available would put media companies at a disadvantage, stating that “the agency has access to the relevant documents at issue in this matter and can continue to evaluate the proposed merger during the stay.”  Meantime, the review of the Comcast-Time Warner merger continues.