Dean Austen Parrish recently provided a few bullet points to the Southwestern community about nifty things going on at the institution and we pass these along to those in entertainment law who might not have caught up with these, plus one more item regarding a fine online project launched by a onetime editor of this blog — go Sheba … :

From Dean Parrish, recent media highlights —

·         Ranked as One of the Top 10 Law Schools in the Country for Entertainment Law: The school was featured in The Hollywood Reporter, which “evaluated course offerings, practical training, and the esteemed alumni of the nation’s more than 200 law schools to create [a] first-ever list of the best spots for a stellar showbiz education.”  Southwestern ranked fourth in the country, just behind Harvard (#3) and above Columbia (#5), U.C. Berkeley (#6), and Loyola (#7).  The magazine also highlighted several of our alumni, such as Shawn Holley, Daniel Petrocelli, and Neville Johnson, among others, in their list of the top 100 entertainment lawyers in the country.

·         Leading the Pack in Curricular Innovation:  Southwestern also has received recognition by the National Jurist and PreLaw magazine as one of the most innovative law schools in the nation.  And Professor Catherine Carpenter – who is among the top experts in the country on law school curricula and accreditation – has been in the news for spearheading the influential national study on the status of legal education for the American Bar Association.

·         Graduate Housing Revitalizes New Los Angeles Hot Spot:  This summer, construction on the new student housing ramped up at a fast pace.  The progress is exciting, and you can now see the walls of the new building.  The area has also received some nice press: Koreatown is becoming known as the new Los Angeles hot spot.  As the Hollywood Reporter described it this week, somewhat colorfully: “From Seth MacFarlane’s karaoke spot to Demi Lovato’s spa refuge, the area west of downtown is suddenly a hot scene for food, nightlife, and those chauffeurs who drive you home (seriously).”

This blog’s high-five goes out to Sheba Sheikh, a former editor of ours who is off to an intriguing start with her online project: The Fashion Grid. Sheikh, when posting here, pointed out that Los Angeles, along with New York, plays a key role as mashup-land for celebrity, style, money and finance — and the law. With so many A-listers “extending their brand” into clothing, footwear, scents and more, it may behoove entertainment law practitioners to keep an eye, with Sheikh’s excellent assist, on the fashionable world.