When entertainment lawyers venture into cyberspace,  at what time of day do they do so? Where online do they go and what matters to them when they get to select sites?

The editors of the Biederman Blog, as part of their research on which this site is based, asked those questions and more of practitioners and found:

  • Further, most of this browsing is typically done on weekday mornings.

  • Entertainment lawyers are uninterested in flashy graphics or videos, content matters most to them — not just regular articles, but long and detailed content with legal analysis and citations to cases and other reliable sources.

The data to back up these assertions comes from a survey by the Biederman Blog’s editors of practicing entertainment lawyers,  including Southwestern Law School alumni, attorneys affiliated with the Biederman Institute, and attorneys in the industry.  More than 500 e-mails were sent out to practitioners, more than 50 of whom responded with opinions. A majority of survey respondents say they have more than 15 years of experience in  entertainment law, with their positions including house counsel, solo practices and academia. Because the survey questions allowed for more than one answer, the numbers will not add always up to 100%.

Though most respondents tended be from an older generation, they are adapting to social media. Most respondents say they use social media sites like Linked In, Facebook,and Twitter. There even are a few stubborn folks still hanging on to MySpace.

More updates will follow as more surveys are completed.