imagesWhile the Hollywood trades and local business publications only recently have taken note of the strength of the Entertainment Law and intellectual property offerings at Southwestern Law School, the vigor of the programs also can be visible online. And though the Biederman Blog is one of several active spots for the school’s students to tackle timely issues in Entertainment Law and intellectual property, let’s take a moment to highlight a couple of intriguing posts by colleagues over at Southwestern’s Law Commentator, specifically recent pieces by editor Addison Martinez and contributing writer Jonathan Evans.

Martinez scrutinizes ReDigi, a company that finds itself in the midst of legal challenges as it seeks to create a marketplace for sales of preowned digital music — and to share its profits with the artists who originated the content. But who owns that music? As a neatly paired piece by Evans points out, customers currently purchase music online only after consenting to a legal thicket of terms, which would seem to some only a license to use content. Evans, however, concludes that purchasers own title to the sound recording, which, Martinez argues could pave the way for resales such as through ReDigi; the issue otherwise, Martinez notes, is for consumers to see ever more restrictive terms of use and sharply narrowed markets, as some industry giants already are proposing.

Meantime, it’s worth a pause, too, to say aw, shucks, and thanks for recent institutional attention to the Biederman Blog: Click here to read more about alumna Sheba Sheikh and the excellent fashion and law blog she created after serving as an Editorial Board member;  click here and then flip, electronically, to page 13 of the latest issue of the law school’s magazine and the blog gets more kind attention.