Well, that’s good news to be thankful for: The Biederman Blog has been ranked among the “best copyright law blogs on the planet” by Feedspot, a global content-sharing enterprise.

Feedspot said it reviewed thousands of sites that it indexes before rating the Southwestern Law School student-run project No. 30 among its top 52 blogs focusing on copyright law, a key component of Entertainment Law practice, based on its: reputation and search ranking by Google; influence and popularity on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites; quality and consistency of posts; and the company’s editorial team and expert review.

The Southwestern blog shares outstanding multinational company on the Feedspot list with top law firms, copyright law practitioners, legal reporting companies, government and nonprofit organizations, and just two other academic institutions: It ranks ahead of a student-run, online, scholarly journal of intellectual property and entertainment law at NYU Law and a Stanford University copyright and fair use site supported pro bono by Justia.com.

The Biederman Blog, which thrice has been named as a top 100 legal site by the American Bar Association Journal, was launched in 2010, and more than three dozen rising juris doctor candidates have served as members of its Editorial Board, posting about timely, intriguing developments in Entertainment Law.

The site is named in memory of Professor Donald E. Biederman (1934-2002), a highly admired teacher, scholar and pioneer in the world of entertainment and media law. He was the founding director of the now eponymous media and Entertainment Law institute that consistently has been ranked by leading trade media as one of the top Entertainment Law schools in the nation. The institute is a key part of Southwestern Law School, which has been at the forefront of legal education for more than a century, an institution notable for its historic emphasis on diversity, public service and innovation.

Feedspot offers a proprietary content curating – and sharing-technology using RSS—Rich Site Summary or Real Simple Syndication. By tapping Feedspot’s reader, users can customize, build, and get delivered to them fast, easy, and timely collections of information from sites they choose. They also can share these via social media with the company offering robust outreach to their contact lists. Feedspot, based in Mill Valley, Calif., and Mumbai, India, has sought to grow its audiences by spotlighting on its own blog lists of leading sites in various categories, including copyright law.