Author: Natalie Reynoso

Here’s a ruling, straight (no chaser): Thelonious Monk estate can bop on with move to flatten a Mendocino craft brewer’s beer

Ruby, my dear, the man himself might have said ‘Round midnight, these cats aren’t playing it Straight (no chaser). And, Well, you needn’t act like that.  So, while a crisp, cold craft beer and some hot be-bop might seem like a jamming mix, the fizz has more than flattened in a brewing deal involving a Northern California beer-maker and the son of acclaimed jazz keyboardist-composer Thelonious Monk. A California judge recently denied North Coast Brewing Company’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Thelonious Monk Jr. for the unpermitted use of his father’s name and likeness to sell beer-themed merchandise....

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A sourpuss the internet adores scratched up java vendors who messed with her mug. But her $710,000 court win isn’t a path-breaker for animals’ rights

If Uncle Sam’s halls of civil justice weren’t crowded enough with growling  two-legged complainants, at least one four-legged plaintiff has added to the courthouse cacophony with snarls over copyright infringement: A crabby kitty has asserted that she was damaged when her name and likeness were used without permission. But, technically speaking, the feline claim of foul play was filed on behalf of the human and legal creation known as a corporation. And  a federal court in Los Angeles has decided to turn the tabby’s perpetual frown upside down — with a jury awarding $710,000 to the entity for “Tardar Sauce”...

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CBS TV fails to shake off defamation suit over ‘docu-series’ suggesting brother played fatal role in killing of six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey two decades ago

Cold case solved? Not quite. There may be at least a new-ish and widely publicized theory about a scandalous homicide cold case. But a Michigan judge recently denied CBS TV’s motion to dismiss a defamation lawsuit filed by Burke Ramsey, the brother of JonBenet Ramsey, a slain Boulder, Colo., tot and kiddie beauty queen. That means his legal action, seeking $750 million in damages, will advance, creating yet more infamy for an already notorious homicide in which no formal charges have been filed after more than two decades. In September, 2016, CBS aired a two-part docu-series, The Case of JonBenet. The...

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