Author: Jason D. Knight

Drone drama: FAA fines operator $1.9 million

This guest post was written by Jason D. Knight, a Southwestern 2016 juris doctorate candidate. As a previous post here has discussed, bad actors have complicated the efforts by regulators and lawmakers to provide their pledged rules for what has become one of Hollywood film and television shooters’ hottest technologies: unmanned aerial systems or drones. The FAA has deployed its ”file-and-fly”’ system for them and now 1,800 plus Section 333 exemptions have been granted to lawful operators. But the clamor to deal with the aerial cowboys also has lassoed what the feds deem a significant offender: SkyPan International, Inc., a...

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What’s up with drones in skies over Hollywood?

This guest post was written by Jason D. Knight, a Southwestern 2016 juris doctorate candidate. Hollywood was sky high just six months ago when federal regulators recognized the need to support the industry’s global leadership by allowing select firms to fly unmanned aerial systems, aka drones, to shoot movies. Regulators promised to follow quickly with new rules for all drones and their flights but the months since have only proven to be full of ups-and-downs for policy-makers trying to figure how to deal with this fast-growing and novel technology. It’s been nothing less than a bumpy ride, especially in the Golden State: Fire fighters battling record blazes have had to curtail their work due to illegal drone incursions; airports and commercial aviators are reporting illegal drone flights in regulated air space nationwide with frightening regularity; Los Angeles police say an illegal drone flight interfered with one of their investigations; and only the intervention of Gov. Jerry Brown’s veto has kept state lawmakers from stepping in a trying to impose their own rules about drone flights. Is this technology dangerous, innovative, useful, or a nuisance? What, in short, is up with drones now? Let’s take off with some key information about them….. Drones defined Yes, drones seem to be on everyone’s minds these days. Whether it is to mount a camera or survey a location, many in Hollywood and beyond...

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