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In conversation: Film industry’s IP watchdog

One of the movie industry’s top intellectual property watchdogs on Monday will join in Southwestern Law School’s  “Conversation With …” program: Dean Marks, executive vice president, deputy general counsel and chief of global content protection at the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) will chat about an array of topics in the 7:30 p.m. program with Steve Krone, director of the Donald E. Biederman Entertainment and Media Law Institute. “Dean is one of the leading U.S. and international copyright experts in the entertainment industry, ” Professor Krone said. “In his work at the MPAA spearheading all content protection, I’m sure he’s bringing his deep knowledge to bear, along with his refreshingly pragmatic approach.” Marks joined the MPAA in January, 2015. Previously, he served in a 25-year career with Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Time Warner, where he was most recently senior vice president intellectual property for Warner Bros.  There he was responsible for establishing and guiding business practices of the studio on copyright related issues, digital rights management and content protection, and emerging distribution technologies. He worked extensively on domestic and international copyright policy and legislation. He also actively participated in negotiations that resulted in the passage of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in 1998.  From 1992 to 1995, he served as vice president in Time Warner’s European public affairs office in Brussels, where he lobbied on media and copyright related...

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As the blog turns three, time for a refresh

With great thanks and appreciation to all the students, faculty, administration, and others in the community who have supported the Biederman Blog since its outset, now that the site has turned three years old and our hard-working editors have produced more than 500 posts, it was time for a refresh. This is still a work in progress. But as the blog has duly recorded, technology races ahead on us all, and our audiences may be accessing our content in evolving, robust ways — no longer just on a desktop computer, but likely on a tablet or hand-held mobile device. So the blog now incorporates responsive views, meaning this site should adjust and adapt for easy viewing on different browsers and web-enabled devices. If you detect bugs or gremlins in the site and think we may have missed them, please email us at: Our 2014 technology upgrade also allows the blog to resume its push to provide calendar and events listings to the Entertainment Law community. The many local bar associations, schools and universities, industry groups, and others conduct many and intriguing programs, conferences, and other events about Entertainment Law matters — and the site offers a forum to let other appropriate parties know about these. If you wish your event to be considered for the Biederman Blog Entertainment Law calendar, please send complete information, especially including a contact...

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Honored, thanks. An ABA shoutout, please?

Yes, it’s one of those times of year when the blog doesn’t refresh as frequently as we might like: Our editors are buried in academic finals and we’re awaiting our next group of bloggers. Still, we’re thrilled because the ABA Journal recently chose us as one of their favorites, part of their seventh annual Blawg 100. The journal, which says it is seen by half of the 1 million lawyers in the U.S., also notes that it routinely looks at 3,800 legal-related blogs to keep on top of developments in the field. So to be among their picks is great — even more so because of the company we’re in: almost all are practicing lawyers, jurists, appellate judges, noted legal faculty and professional reporters or analysts, as well as legal librarians, legal foundations … well you get the picture. Our finger- and toe-counting among the Blawg 100 may be off but we see a rare few that are law student-run, from law schools at New York University, the University of Miami. And us. We see a fair representation of Southern Californians in the mix. A last plea on topic: If you see the Biederman Blog and would like to tell the ABA Journal (by a Dec. 20 deadline) that we’re among your favorites, too, we’d much appreciate it! You’ll find us under the IP category and you can click...

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‘Oh, Really?’ Words exchanged over lyric sites

In ‘Oh, Really?’ the Biederman Blog’s editors — voracious consumers of all matters pop culture — cast a curious, skeptical, fun and smart end-of-the-week eye on popular productions, sharing their keen observations about legal matters these raise. This is a guest post by Kasia Campbell, who is taking Entertainment Law and Web 2.0, a miniterm class that’s a requirement for those who wish to join the blog’s Editorial Board. I thought the song Apologize by One Republic keeps saying: “It’s too late to get a job,” instead of “It’s too late to apologize.” I thought the song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons mentions “ready to rock you,” instead of “radioactive.” I thought the song Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus refers to, “You raped me,” instead of “You wrecked me.” I mean why else is she swinging naked on a ball? If you’re like me, blinded by the light and wrapped up like a … well, you’re a search engine devotee if for no other reason because you often find yourself racing to Google, Bing et al to determine the correct lyrics to earworms (those catchy tunes that rattle around our heads all day). But if you pop up the full words to songs online, are the sites you’re directed to infringing on lyricists’ copyrights, perhaps even in as egregious fashion or more so than if they posted the music or...

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Mind those Ps & Qs for stylish music sales

Entertainment lawyers may need to park an additional reference work next to those well-thumbed copies of Strunk & White and The Bluebook: There’s a new style guide for the music industry, as reported in deft fashion in the Wall Street Journal. While the 24-page rulebook tackles concerns about ampersands, capitalization and orders of mention, the work, as its issuers detail, also “outlines a set of metadata guidelines that can be used by musicians, managers, and labels to improve data quality for artist, track, and album information through common naming conventions and data entry standards. This, in turn, will allow digital retailers to create a more efficient ingestion process for songs, albums, music videos, ringtones, and any other product that contains music metadata and make it easier for consumers to find what they are looking for, leading to increased sales.” Alas, here’s a fond sigh for the days of liner notes and know-it-all slacker clerks at record or CD shops. Want a copy? Go...

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The Biederman Blog is now ranked NUMBER ONE on Feedspot's Top 20 Entertainment Law blogs (May 2018). It is very exciting to top this list. We are extra proud of number six - Entertainment Law Offices of Gordon P. Firemark. Mr. Firemark graduated from Southwestern in 1992, and is a top entertainment blogger and webinar presenter in addition to being a world class entertainment attorney!

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