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On 3 different matters, it’s a naysayers’ moment

It’s not the proverbial “a thousand times ‘No,’ ” but: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has rejected without discussion broadcasters’ request for reconsideration by judges en banc of a recent decision clearing copyright infringement claims against Aereo, the start-up streaming broadcaster that has gone on the offensive to assert the legality of its service;  U.S. Circuit Judges Denny Chinn and Richard C Wesley dissented from the decision, supported by ten others on the appellate bench, including Chief Judge Dennis Jacobs. An investment analyst sees problems for consumers and the broadcast industry if  a la carte options advance, allowing audiences to pick and choose programming rather than paying the ever-increasing, often sports-driven costs of bundled subscription packages. The lawyers at Prenda Law, chastised already by Otis Wright, a Star Trek-inspired U.S. District Judge in Los Angeles and a Southwestern Law School alum, have found the courts getting frostier, frostier and frostier to them and their mass-filings of copyright infringement actions against unnamed parties who downloaded porn that parties at the firm acquired rights to and may have posted; the evolving case files show that Prenda offered to settle its many claims if those about to be publicly shamed for downloading blue material would cough up some green — typically a few thousand...

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Just a mention of some Southwestern Law School-related matters of potential note to Entertainment Law practitioners: With the rise of pervasive technology, including as has been noted on the blog in the entertainment field through apps, social media, fan websites and other developments, privacy considerations also have raced to the fore for the public and policy-makers. This may make it worthwhile for those in the legal field to hear more on the topic at the Biederman Institute’s inaugural Online Privacy Conference on Feb. 22. Space is limited, registration is required and the event will include prospective CLE credit. And while it may be a bit of a stretch, as has been noted at a recent topical conference covered by the blog, there’s global concern on the plight of children and the need to protect them better (including from potential exposure to and exploitation in entertainment and media projects abroad). So it may be of interest, too, that also Feb. 22, the Southwestern Journal of International Law will sponsor a symposium on The Future of Children in International Law. With clients constantly clamoring about material that can be developed into projects, those in the entertainment field may want to suggest stories near and dear — tales of the practice of law. So here’s a nod the Journal of Legal Education, which is produced at Southwestern and recently conducted, then published...

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