Author: Anne M. Lum

‘Nae, slappin?’ Au contraire: Court roughs up, tosses guitarist’s infringement suit against U2 and ‘The Fly’

Nae, slappin? Dinnae talk mince. I’ll gie ye a skelpit lug! the fandan in Manhattan (a U.S. District judge) effectively has told the plaintiff accusing the renowned rockers in U2 of copyright infringement. Paul Rose, a Newcastle native with a penchant for picking at least one Scottish (?) song title, asserted in a suit that Irishman Bono and his Dublin band mates, with their 4:25 vocal and instrumental single The Fly (click on the photo above to play the official video), had infringed on and wrongly taken elements of his original musical composition Nae Slappin, a 3:30 extended guitar riff with just...

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Courts drop a legal brick house on a former band member for infringing on trademark of top soul group ‘The Commodores’

Thomas McClary, Lionel Richie, William King, Walter Orange, and other students from Alabama’s legendary Tuskegee Institute founded The Commodores in 1968, with the slick soul ensemble in its various incarnations steering its way since with such hits as Easy, Brick House (click on image above to hear this tune), and Three Times a Lady.  The band has released more than 40 albums and has topped the charts with seven No. 1 singles, as well as a Grammy Award (1986, Nightshift). Although Richie, of course, went on to a separate superstardom, other Commodores also have come and gone. And now a federal...

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For Video Game Manufacturers, Hollywood, and Other Makers of E- Entertainments Targeting Kids, Uncle Sam Offers 650,000 Reasons to Protect Privacy of Vulnerable Young

Uncle Sam took out his regulatory stick recently and rapped the knuckles of a Hong Kong toy company, fining it $650,000 ─ a civil penalty that also may serve as a potent reminder to Hollywood, video game manufacturers, and any other makers of electronic entertainments targeted at kids that they must protect vulnerable youngsters and their privacy or face public opprobrium and federal penalties The case involving VTech Holdings Ltd. and the Federal Trade Commission also pushed the technological bounds of regulators’ oversight on youngsters’ cyber privacy. The FTC earlier had warned companies about their child-targeted web sites, apps, and...

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