imagesWhile the curtain seemed to have fallen on the battle over the California Labor Commission’s Talent Agency Act, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has decided this dispute will play on. This case seemed to be all but over two years ago when U.S. District Judge Dean Pregerson granted the state’s motion to dismiss the claim brought by the National Conference of Personal Managers. The group, claiming the law is unfair to members’ interests, bitterly has contested the Golden State statute that has left many lawyers and others in the entertainment industry uncertain what they can and cannot do in representing talent. The appellate court, in its review, said Pregerson may have dismissed the claim on the merits but he did not establish whether his court held jurisdiction to do so. It’s worth noting that the judge addressed jurisdiction in the original ruling, stating the “court declined to resolve the issue fully, finding that the motion should be granted on its merits…” The appellate court, however, remanded, saying the lower court had an “independent obligation to determine jurisdiction before addressing the merits of the case.”