Amazon App Store logoApple App Store logoSoon after Amazon opened its mobile applications marketplace, Apple sued Amazon, alleging that the online retail giant’s new App Store for Android infringes on the electronic makers’ trademark for it’s own App Store.

Jas Purwal of the Gamer/Law blog notes that Apple’s lawsuit seeks to protect the perceived brand value of Apple’s App Store. This brand value has been built up over the years especially with the popularity of Apple’s products. It will be noteworthy to see how trademark law applies to the mobile app market.

Purwal also notes that one of the difficulties that Apple faces is that it has not completed its own trademark registration of the term ‘App Store.’ Microsoft is seeking to block the registration and this may “turn into a three-way battle between Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon.” Purwal says  Amazon likely will argue there is no chance of the app stores being mistaken for one another because the two are run on different devices and operating systems.

From: Gamer/Law