While those of the internet era might think that Hollywood’s a johnny-come-lately to matters of intellectual property law, Peter Decherney, a University of Pennsylvania associate professor of cinema studies, English and communications, shows in his new book, Hollywood’s Copyright Wars:  From Edison to the Internet, that cinematic pioneers dealt with copyright concerns — and this area has been an important concern of the industry ever since. Still, as Decherney points out, the history of the movie business and copyright law has been unpredictable, at best — what could have been big legal matters weren’t, while some lesser issues turned out to be key. For entertainment law practitioners who want a readable work that provides a longer view and context to today’s trade pub headlines, this book might be a boon; it wins praise in a review from the 1709 blog and here’s more info on Decherney, his main book page and his YouTube discussion , “Can the Supreme Court save the Public Domain … and Hollywood?”