The Biederman Blog is striving to bring you the best independent analysis about Entertainment and Media Law cases in the news, as well as deliver in a platform designed to make your experience at our blog enjoyable. With that in mind, we recently redesigned a few things. We’re sure once you get your bearings you’ll find the new platform much more user-friendly.

Exciting New Features

  • Posts shown by reader ratings. Now you can quickly find the articles that other readers find the most valuable.
  • A “Contribute” area in which you can submit your own articles for review. Remember to thoroughly reference your posts and include your images.
  • A continually updating “In the News” feed of the latest items crossing the wire related to Entertainment and Media Law.
  • A fully-functional calendar that you can see in monthly, pinboard or agenda format. You can also subscribe to the calendar’s RSS feed.
  • Left hand margin social share links for all major social media channels and a print-friendly button for every page or post.
  • The diagram below shows the design of our new landing pages, which are used for the homepage and the individual topic or category pages. You’ll notice these items are much easier to find compared to our our previous design.