After the Dec. 7 ruling by Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon in favor of Jamie McCourt, Frank McCourt has responded by hiring as the team’s outside counsel Joseph Shenker, chairman of the New York-based firm of Sullivan and Cromwell. Shenker replaces Bingham McCutchen, a Boston-based law firm that Frank McCourt had retained in his earlier, divorce proceedings that have left the status of Dodgers ownership in doubt.
The McCourt divorce andDodger ownership got cast into confusion largely due to a ten-page post-nuptial agreement. It was drafted by a Bingham lawyer and two conflicting versions of it were signed by Jamie and Frank McCourt. According to Judge Gordon, the “the parties had mistaken belief and no agreement as to the meaning of the agreement, the content of the agreement, and the effect of the (agreement) on their property and property rights.”
As a result, the judge threw out the pre-nup and Frank McCourt faces the possibility now of losing control of the team to his now ex-wife.
Bingham McCutchen has hired Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher, a renowned malpractice litigation firm.
Regardless of how this plays out, Dodgers fans can’t be happy. A scathing legal battle regarding ownership puts long term strategy to win championships on the back burner.
The Dec. 7 ruling:
New developments as of 2/7: