imagesCA6FW5KGFirst, you need to know that Demitri Brown and Donna Evans-Brown used to have a trademark for “Disturb the Peace,” which they claim to have been using since 1988, but their federal trademark was cancelled in 2004. Second, you need to know that Christoper Bridges, nee Ludacris, has several trademark registrations that incorporate “Disturbing Tha Peace,” in use continuously since 2000 when he founded “Disturbing Tha Peace Records.” Third, you need to know how a trademark gets cancelled: don’t monitor it!  In 2003, Ludacris petitioned the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board to cancel the Browns’ trademark claiming they weren’t using it;  a default judgment was entered in 2004 because the Browns never responded. In 2011, the Browns’ petition to reinstate their mark was denied because the appeals board said seven years was too long a time to contest the decision, given that Ludacris had registered multiple marks and spent more than $1 million dollars “marketing, advertising, and promoting” his trademarks. Fourth, you have probably guessed that the Browns have filed a federal copyright infringement lawsuit against Ludacris. It’s in a Texas federal court with U.S. District Judge Jorge A. Solis presiding. Lastly, while awaiting action in that suit, judicial notice to Michael Cohen for highlighting the importance of monitoring registrations when a notice is sent by the appeals board.