Besides the much-anticipated, heavy-duty reporting, analysis and discussion, the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down a California ban on sales to young people of video games deemed violent prompted some very different collateral commentary of note. And since the summer season perhaps permits more than the usual distractions, here are a trio.

Comedian Jon Stewart, as usual, provides some cutting, incisive thoughts on the case, sprinkled amidst the hyperbole and guffaws:


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Writer Nick Summers over at The Daily Beast pondered whether the publicly proclaimed Luddite proclivities of the “geriatric and hidebound” Supreme Court justices might bollix up their ruling in this and other technology cases.

And then there was the “Critic’s Notebook,” penned at the NY Times by Seth Schiesel (a self-proclaimed proud Yale Law School drop-out and video game reviewer for the news organization’s “Culture” section), arguing the artistic implications and responsibilities that flow from the ruling.