Month: May 2018

Does Disney’s mood swing from elation to anger? Persistent plaintiff sees ‘Inside Out’ infringement claim tossed for a second time (No surprise, Sherlock?) But she appeals.

It wasn’t exactly a super hero aggregation like The Avengers, but a federal judge in Los Angeles has thrown the likes of Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan, Superman, and James Bond at a plaintiff to tell her, for a second time, to throw in the Towle with her copyright infringement claims against Walt Disney Co. over its animated hit Inside Out. U.S. District Judge Philip S. Gutierrez, in Los Angeles, recently dismissed anew an action filed against Disney by Denise Daniels, a broadcaster who has built up parenting and child development expertise.  She first made claims against the $850-million Pixar blockbuster in 2017, asserting then...

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‘Oh, really?:’ Legal ethics get flipped aside by smarmy lawer in comedic ‘Bob’s Burgers’

In our ‘Oh, Really?’  feature, the Biederman Blog’s editors — voracious consumers of all matters pop culture — cast a curious, skeptical, fanciful, fun, and smart end-of-the-week eye on popular productions, sharing their keen observations about legal matters these raise. Bob’s Burgers, Fox’s facetious American sitcom created by Loren Bouchard,  continues to be one of TV’s funniest animated shows, even now in its eighth season. The show revolves around the Blecher family — parents Bob and Linda, and their three children: Tina, Gene, and Louise. The clan owns and manages a burger joint on Ocean Avenue. Despite enjoying a...

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Seeing mostly negatives, appellate judges nix ‘next friend’ advocacy to advance infringement claim aimed at protecting a great ape’s selfies

Although three federal judges have sought to quash some copyright monkeyshines, a fourth and ranking jurist has found their legal logic in doing so to be bananas and unappealing. At least for now, however, the recent decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit appears to have settled the issue of whether non-human primates possess statutory standing to press infringement suits. In case you haven’t gotten into the swing of the infamous monkey selfie case, in 2011, Naruto, a seven-year-old crested macaque, took an interest in an unattended camera parked in the wilderness. The great ape, who calls Sulawesi, Indonesia,...

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