Month: July 2011

Listen closely for notable moves in law, music

It sounds as if Entertainment lawyers will be staying busy sorting out developments in the music industry affecting everything from copyrights and classical music to digital rights and the catalog of a longtime player in pop. Catching up on some issues in the field: It may look like an idiosyncratic case over classical music. But poke around a little in Golan v. Holder and there’s a legal hornet’s nest abuzz over copyright, public domain and the 1994 congressional action that shoved vast amounts of intellectual material back into protected status for decades, infuriating not just devotees of long-hair music but also folks from academia to the Silicon Valley. The Chronicle of Higher Education puts a fine face on the litigation, describing the long legal battle by Lawrence Golan,  a Denver University conductor, to buy for campus performances works by his beloved Russian composers such as Sergei Prokofiev, Dmitri Shostokovitch and Igor Stravinsky. As the Chron and NPR point out for their lay audiences, those works and many others, including art by Pablo Picasso and books by HG Wells and movies by Alfred Hitchcock, were re-copyrighted by Congress, and, thus, have become un-affordable or unavailable, particularly in the academic world where they might be heavily trafficked and studied, especially if they were freely available in public domain. Golan’s case advances to the U.S. Supreme Court in the fall term with...

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Write on: Opinions on turning a legal phrase

It’s the bane of Justices, judges, managing and senior partners at big firms, many practitioners — and, yes, of course, law professors and deans: Why can’t the quality of legal writing be better? goes the oft-heard complaint. Well, as the summer settles in and the student editors pound away at memos, briefs and other materials on their internships, externships and other vacation employment, here’s a little distraction for them and for working members of the Entertainment bar from the popular press on the prose of folks who should be leaders in the field — the Supremes, in particular, and other members of the robe-wearing, opinion-scribbling crowd, especially. NPR recently carried this report on legal writing by the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court and the Wall St. Journal published this story on how judges nationwide attempt to jazz up their potentially hum-drum opinions....

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Entertainment Law Blogs

The Biederman Blog is now ranked NUMBER ONE on Feedspot's Top 20 Entertainment Law blogs (May 2018). It is very exciting to top this list. We are extra proud of number six - Entertainment Law Offices of Gordon P. Firemark. Mr. Firemark graduated from Southwestern in 1992, and is a top entertainment blogger and webinar presenter in addition to being a world class entertainment attorney!

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